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We create
brand entertainment
focused on
revitalizing brands.

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PLUM is made up of marketers who work closely with our network of A-list entertainment professionals to create and distribute relevant, engaging and motivating Brand Entertainment across the content universe.

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brand entertainment.

We engage audiences in a much richer and more meaningful way than disruptive traditional and digital advertising forms.

We work with brands to create entertainment that builds audiences (rather than rents them); Brand Entertainment that audiences come to, want to spend time and interact with—and enjoy.

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Creating entertainment for brands is nothing new. In fact, it’s old. So what is different about our Brand Entertainment? Well, a few important things.

First, we’re focused on brand revitalization.

Second, we’re marketers first. To the core.

And third, we’ve developed the A-list relationships we need to deliver the best in entertainment.


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The Pale Horsemen
Census 2010


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